Midnight Tuning Solutions is an independent Tuning provider, able to supply you with the very best in products and information regarding the tuning of your vehicle. We are here to provide you with everything you need to know to enjoy your vehicle more. We offer engine tuning & diagnostic solutions for BMW and more.

BMW Engine Diagnostic & Coding Services

Is your vehicle running bad or stalling? Is your check engine light on? The issue could be as simple as a loose gas cap or as complex as internal engine repair. Either way, MTS can help. Pairing up state of the art equipment gives us the ability to diagnose the concern and determine what repairs are needed to get you safely back on the road.

  • Engine Diagnostic Service

    Once your vehicle’s on-board computer has been scanned and the Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) have been retrieved, it is time to diagnose the malfunction.


    The Engine Diagnostic service includes:

      • Quality service performed by a technician
      • Road test of vehicle to verify complaint (if running)
      • Visual inspection of engine compartment for obvious electrical or vacuum related conditions
      • Complete battery and charging system analysis
      • An answer to the cause of the malfunction

     Coding Services

    – Digital speedometer *
    – Side marker disable (orange corner) *
    – DRLs (day time running lights) turned off/on *
    – Windows up via key fob (close windows with key) *
    – Folding mirrors via key (mirrors fold when lock with key) *
    – Disable window safety feature (1 touch close with door open)
    – Close trunk with key (only with motorized trunk x5/x6s)
    – Fog lamps + high beams (useful for cars with HID fogs, fogs stay on when high beams are flicked or turned on)
    – Instant MPG
    – Remove iDrive / backup camera disclaimer
    – Disable seat belt chime (gong)
    – Eject key upon engine stop
    – follow me home lights for certain models. (Can turn different lights on/off)
    – welcome lights (enable different lights to be on/off when pressing unlock)
    – Wiper wipes to end position after turning engine off
    – Enable Shift Suggestion in 6MT (BMW Efficient Dynamics Display)
    – Double blink hazards
    – Convertibles top open/close with key
    – Pathway lights on with key fob
    – Change speedometer to show actual speed
    – Heated seat controls / slider appear on i-drive when hit heated seats button
    – M HUD display on non-M cars with HUD
    – Disable flickering when you install LEDs in tail lights at start up.

    “*” features are the popular ones!

    Custom Tuning

    Guess work tuning can be dangerous to both you and your vehicle. Take the guesswork out let us tune your vehicle.  Our tuner offers a methodical approach to tuning your vehicle whether its installing or re-flashing a factory ECU, we can provide gains in horsepower, torque, drivability and even fuel economy! No guess work only real results! Whether it is a stock engine or a blown alcohol drag car we aim for the best custom tuning results.  We will be offering this service on an appointment basis. If you have a vehicle that needs to be custom tuned. Please contact us today at

    Dyno Services

    At Midnight Tuning Solutions, we can provide you with the chassis dyno service to fit your needs.  Please contact us today for pricing.

    Remote Tuning Services

    At Midnight Tuning Solutions, we can provide you with live remote Dyno tuning services worldwide.  Please contact us today for pricing.